Motoring News 6.3.2017 08:48 am

WATCH: Mercedes-AMG teases with 4-door sports car

The production AMG GT might end up being called the AMG GT4.

With the Geneva Motor Show about to kick off, Stuttgart’s performance brand, Mercedes-AMG, is giving us a preview of its upcoming four-door sports car.



However, details about the car still remain coy at this point except for the sketch you see here, which leaves us guessing if it’s an entirely new four-door coupe that will be sold alongside the third-generation CLS sedan that has been spied.

According to reports, it is a replacement of sorts to the CLS Shooting Brake with a liftback-style rear end to compete with Porsche’s newborn Panamera Sports Tourer.



Whatever the case, the production AMG GT that might end up being called the AMG GT4 to indicate its visual and performance relation to the AMG GT coupe, will be based on Mercedes’ MRA modular platform shared with the C63, E63 and S63 models.

It would make sense for AMG to make use of the E63 S’ 4.0-liter bi-turbocharged V8 that’s good for 450kW and 850Nm, which catapults the top E-Class sedan to 100km/h in 3.3 sec.

With the Geneva Motor Show just around the corner, it won’t be long before we get more answers on the AMG GT Concept.

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