Motoring News 23.12.2016 02:49 pm

VW Golf R facelift brings additional power to the table

The Golf R is receiving the improvements introduced with the other Golf variants.

After unveiling the facelifted Volkswagen Golf a few weekends ago, the German company has now announced official details about the facelifted Golf R set to hit our shores presumably in 2017.



Starting with the range-topping Golf R, it gets a small power boost that brings the total output to 228 kW, making it more powerful as the limited-edition Golf GTI Clubsport S is.

The most powerful mass production Golf to date also offers a peak torque of 400 Nm sent to all four wheels, resulting in an impressive 0-100km/h sprint in only 4.6 seconds.

The Golf R is receiving the improvements introduced with the other Golf variants, including LED taillights and the new Composition Colour infotainment system coming as standard.

Higher trim levels can be equipped with a 12.3-inch entirely digital instrument cluster, providing the same features as it does on the larger Passat. There’s also a new top-spec infotainment system, which is hosting a 9.2-inch display with touch- and voice-command operation.

The so-called Discover Pro system also offers optional gesture control, making the Golf the first model in its class to be available with this technology.

Information about pricing and local availability to be announced soon.

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