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WATCH: Lamborghini owner fined because car is ‘too loud’

Lamborghini Huracan| Supplied

Lamborghini Huracan| Supplied

Everyone knows Lamborghinis are loud, right? Apparently the Australian police didn’t get the memo.

Everyone knows Lamborghini cars are loud, right? Apparently the Australian police didn’t get the memo.

Mark Trueno, the owner of a green Huracan, was pulled over by the police at the Normanby Hotel in Brisbane, Australia. He was fined $376 AUD (about R3 900) for making “unnecessary noise” in his expensive supercar.

We thought this was ridiculous because a supercar is just naturally loud.

We know how good the exhaust on a Huracan can be, and whether it’s idling or pinned at full throttle, the car is just going to be loud, no matter what.

Luckily, a Brisbane magistrate sided with the Huracan owner and overturned the fine. The owner’s lawyer argued that it was “too easy for police to just throw random accusations and allegations against drivers”.

Witnesses were even called in for this two-day hearing, including a representative from Lamborghini Brisbane. The representative described the Huracan’s exhaust as “beautiful music”.

“Even though this case cost Mr. Trueno $1 500 AUD, he explained that it was more about principle. “I’m pretty glad that the magistrate sort of saw through what the police officer was saying,” he said.

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