Jaco van der Merwe
Head of Motoring
4 minute read
12 Jun 2021
12:40 pm

190 kW Amarok and “Oom” Sarel a match made in heaven

Jaco van der Merwe

Who better than legendary racer Sarel van der Merwe to test your driving skills at Spirit of Amarok off-road challenge?

The 190 kW Amarok in action during the Spirit of Amarok. Pictures: Mpumelelo Macu

The Spirit of Amarok 4x4 championship is nothing new, but the impressive Volkswagen 190 kW Amarok is. The combination of the two worked like a charm during the 2021 Media Challenge this week. The event prides itself as being the only amateur 4x4 championship with international status. Created as the Spirit of Africa Trophy by South Africa’s legendary track and rally driver Sarel van der Merwe back in 2004, the Volkswagen Amarok became the official sponsor and vehicle of choice after its local launch in 2010. The bakkie, as well as the affable “Oom” Sarel has been the key components...