John Floyd
Motorsport columnist
3 minute read
9 Jun 2021
7:13 am

Tyre failures raise questions around F1’s street circuits

John Floyd

Designs of these city tracks might have too much influence on the outcome of race.

Max Verstappen’s Red Bull was one of two cars to crash out of the Grand Prix for Azerbaijan after a rear tyre blowout. Picture: Getty Images

What can one say about the weekend’s race in Baku, Azerbaijan? Amazing, incredible, unbelievable – and not all with a favourable meaning. One must agree most street circuits produce interesting and unpredictable results. The idea of Formula One cars on roads suitable for slow moving traffic on a normal business day does appear bizarre. But it is a phenomenon that has been on motorsport calendars of the world for many years and is likely to multiply as the powers that be search for more excitement right on the doorstep of “destination” cities. Monaco, Baku, Sochi, Marina Bay, Melbourne and Jeddah...