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WATCH: 5 reasons to buy the 2018 Polo

The 2018 Polo.

The 2018 Polo.

We recently took the 2018 VW Polo for a spin, and Andre de Kock has shared his positive results.

VW has made the 2018 Polo larger without making it look clumsy.

The new, sixth-generation Polo is longer and larger than its predecessor, to give it more interior space and better handling.

However, it is also slightly lower and looks a lot sleeker than the model it replaces, while retaining the classic Volkswagen family identity.

I would say this is the most handsome Polo yet.

The 2018 Polo is very simple to drive and everything is placed where you expect it to be.

The Polo boasts, as one would expect, a plethora of electronic stuff, geared towards the born-free, computer-kid generation.

Behind all of that, the cockpit is, in typical German fashion, orderly arranged. The pedals, steering wheel, control stalks, switches and touchscreen are exactly where one would expect them to be, making the car easy to operate, even for old, fat, feeble people like myself.

The 2018 Polo has a 1.0 litre TSi engine that is fuel efficient but also gives good performance.

Taking the trend of smaller, more efficient engines another step further, the new Polo’s one-litre TSI engine is a turbocharged, three-cylinder unit which produces 85 kW of power at 5 000 rpm and  200 Nm of torque from 2 000 rpm.

This gives it extremely low fuel consumption figures – we averaged 5,7 litres per 100 km in the week of the test, without attempting to drive the vehicle frugally.

What makes the engine a jewel is the torque, which comes on line as a surge just over 2 000 rpm, and, like with most really well-designed turbo engines, one does not have to rev the unit anywhere near its limit to get usable power from it.

The test unit had the seven-speed DSG transmission, which operated so seamlessly, one could hardly discern gear changes.

The 2018 Polo feels solid with a good build quality.

One could have all the design features in the world, but they would mean very little in a car not screwed together properly.

The Polo, being a Volkswagen, is put together properly indeed. It has that solid feeling present in well-built vehicles, and one gets the notion it will feel just as solid in ten years’ time.

The 2018 Polo has 14 fresh new colours that you can choose from.

The test unit was nothing short of beautiful, clad in what VW calls “Energetic Orange”.  Amazing – they pay people large salaries to dream up stuff like that.

Be that as it may, depending on your style and how much money you wish to spend, we would be amazed if you could not find a new Polo in exactly the colour you want it to be.

Bonus feature – The 2018 Polo does a good handbrake turn.

We were happy to see the Polo sporting a good, old-fashioned handbrake lever, which means that, by flicking it into neutral, you can still perform a traditional handbrake turn.

Which brings me to another great aspect – The 2018 Polo Cup race car has been launched – a two-litre, turbocharged version of the same car on serious suspension and 17-inch wheels.

By the middle of the year, you will be able to buy a road-going version of the same car – one for serious performance junkies.

Watch the video as the Polo is driven by Andre de Kok:

Video by Shaun Holland

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