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Daredevils at it again, this time on a quad bike

André de Kock and Enrico Schoeman are not done attempting to break world records.

André de Kock and Enrico Schoeman are not done attempting to break world records.

Daredevils Enrico Schoeman and André de Kock are on track to break yet another world record.

Although the plan to break another Guinness World Records is still in the early stages, the duo, who used to do stunts at the then Dunswart Race Track in Benoni, are confident of their next fire adventure, Benoni City Times reports.

The pair already holds the Guinness World Records for the longest motorcycle ride through a tunnel of fire (120.4m).

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Watch as De Kock and Schoeman break their first Guinness World Record in 2014:


Schoeman and De Kock, a Citizen journalist, now have their sights on another record: The longest quad bike ride through a tunnel of fire.

This was set by Dan Serblin in Italy in 2012 at a distance of 25m.

“We have got to do it, at 35m it’s an insult,” said De Kock, when asked whether he is confident they can achieve the feat.

Boksburg resident Schoeman said: “I’m sure we can do it, but it’s two different rides [when comparing it to our world record].”

De Kock, an Alberton resident, said he and his partner in stunts are risking their lives for the thrill.

“You need something to excite you; we are not chasing records,” he said.

Enrico Schoeman (left) and André de Kock, A Citizen journalist, will on September 5 risk their lives in a world record attempt.

The daredevils have already done a 12m test run on a quad bike at Carnival City on November 22.

They will use the photos from this run to canvass sponsors as the project is dependent on such.

With borrowed money, they bought the 400cc four-wheeler that they will attempt the record on.

The plan is to resell it to the person they bought it from after the stunt.

They hope to set the record mid-next year, at a distance of about 100m.

The pair emphasised the danger of their feat, highlighting that a crash in the fire tunnel will most definitely lead to their death as there would be no way to escape the tunnel or flames in time.

Daredevils set new fire tunnel record (video)

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