What traffic fines for various offences will now cost you

Picture: iStock

Picture: iStock

Traffic fines are even more hefty these days than most of us realise, and some come with immediate arrest.

We are all guilty at one time or another of traffic offences. Sometimes it’s on purpose and sometimes you honestly didn’t realise what you were doing.

Either way, if a traffic official catches you, you will have to pay!

Traffic offences and fines:

  • Driving without driver’s licence: R1 000
  • Failing to produce driver’s licence: R500
  • Owner fails to license motor vehicle: R500
  • Owner fails to display licence disk: R500
  • Failure to wear a seat belt: R500
  • Disregard a stop sign: R1 500
  • Disobey traffic light: R2 000
  • Disregard no U-turn: R1 000
  • Use of cellphone while driving: R1 000
  • Causing obstruction or double parking: R1 000
  • Parking on a loading zone: R800
  • Disregarding a red or yellow line: R500
  • Following too closely: R1 500
  • No number plate (one plate): R500
  • Overtaking on solid line: R2500
  • Taking part in a race on a public road without the permission of the MEC or local authorities: R3 000
  • Passing a vehicle at an unsafe place (blind rise or curve): R3 500

Offences where you will be arrested:

  • Driving under the influence
  • Giving false information
  • Failing to comply with a lawful order from an authorised officer
  • Obstruct or hinder authorised officer
  • Intending to forge, alter or deface a legal document

Source: Ena van Rooyen, DA councillor and Ridge Times 

– Caxton News Service

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