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‘People are shook by breasts?’ Boity defends braless Eyadini visitor

Andiswa, pictured at Eyadini Lounge in KZN.

Andiswa, pictured at Eyadini Lounge in KZN.

A woman who wore a sheer, see-through top has been a topic of debate on social media with Boity even coming out to defend her on Twitter.

In response to a person who said that Andiswa, the woman who wore a sheer top to Eyadini Lounge over the weekend, was a born again Christian and therefore implied she was hypocritical for dressing that way, TV personality Boity Thulo blew off a whole lot of steam on the issue.

Thulo’s mini rant didn’t end there as she then tweeted, ‘ FML , Breasts!!! People are shook by breasts??? FOH man!’

When another Twitter user asked the star to show off her breasts, she hit back:

Thulo’s reaction comes hot on the heels of a debate on social media about Andiswa, who wore a see-through top while out at Eyadini Lounge in Kwa-Zulu Natal.

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Andiswa was photographed at the restaurant and bar over the weekend. She wore a black skirt, a blouse and a colourful head-wrap with white court shoes.

The KZN woman who sparked the nipple debate.

The KZN woman who sparked the nipple debate.

Her outfit sparked a discussion on morality and decency with many commenting on the appropriateness of the outfit.

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