WATCH: Afrikaans guy downs whole bottle of Jagermeister

This bloke appears to have taken it upon himself to upgrade a dare from a Castle Lite to a bottle of Jagermeister.

In a video doing the rounds, a big Afrikaans guy appears to take on the challenge of downing a whole bottle of Jagermeister, and appears to have no trouble with it.

He says he’s doing it for “George Johnson”, who “tagged him”. He also challenged a number of people at the “driving range”.

Jagermeister has 35% alcohol by volume, and a full bottle of the stuff could be enough to reach highly toxic levels in the bloodstream and kill the average person.

This guy doesn’t seem average though.

There are a lot of videos on YouTube of people downing Jagermeister. It’s unknown when this clip was shot.

It could have been staged, but the guy appears to go to some trouble to show how he breaks the seal on the bottle. When a woman of camera hears the seal breaking, she says: “I’m dead.”

His only complaint is that the drink is too cold.

Watch it below:




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