Whiskey company says it can help you get to know Dad better

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It’s Father’s Day next Sunday. You’d need three whiskeys in you to tell him the rudest joke you know.

Irish whiskey maker Tullamore D.E.W has created a set of conversation cards for Father’s Day next weekend that can go with their drink.

They advise saying ‘sláinte’ (Gaelic for “good health”), and making time to get to know each other better.

Their “pretty interesting” conversation starters range from “easy questions to some you never thought you’d be brave enough to answer”.

“So, we recommend you set aside time for at least two or three drinks. The first round should see you break the ice, the second will melt the tension, and the third will distil your conversation into the kind of knowledge that brings you closer together.”

Here are all the questions you might like to try with your dad later this month, perhaps by getting hold of the cards.

For you: 

1.     Tell your dad the first story you remember him telling you.

2.     Ask him something about his first job.

3.     Do you know what his favourite film is? If you do, ask him why. If you don’t, find out what it is.

For your dad: 

1.     Ask your child what music they like listening to. Ask them why.

2.     Tell your child how you felt when you dropped them at school on the first day.

3.     Tell your child the story of how you met his mother.

Well that was the easy part. Your first drink is finished. You’re a little more comfortable, and you know more about each other. It’s probably the type of stuff you would have told each other anyway. But it’s good to get into the swing of things.

Now that you’ve loosened up a bit, move on to round 2.

For you: 

1.     Finish this sentence … I have to tell you what really happened when….

2.     Ask him who his favourite child is. Pause dramatically and then laugh and go “just kidding, I already know it’s me.” Then get serious again and, ask him “but why?”

3.     Find out what he is most afraid of.

For your dad: 

1.     Ask your child what their first memory of you is?

2.     Tell them their real nickname. The one you and their mother call them.

3.     Say this: “Ask me anything you want to know.”

Last rounds. How is it going so far? You getting into it? You guys getting to know more about each other? Grand. Pour another. You have questions you’ve been dying to ask, and the time is never going to be much better than it is now for those confessions you been keeping secret.

For you: 

1.     Tell your dad the rudest joke you know.

2.     Give him a new nickname based on what you now know about him.

3.     Teach your dad about hashtags. Make him have a conversation with you in #’s.

For your dad: 

1.     Teach your kid a new phrase you think they need to know.

2.     Give them a fake piece of sage advice; see if they notice it’s not true.

3.     Now tell them something you want them to remember about you.

Three drinks down. An afternoon with your dad well spent. A friendship cemented – he knows you, and you know him #3XBetter.




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