WATCH: Nestlé wants to bug your pet

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The food company says bug-based food is more environmentally friendly.

Nestlé has something new on the menu for your four-legged best friends

The food conglomerate is making pet food with insect protein. The new range, set to launch sometime in November, will be called the Purina Beyond Nature’s Protein. The range is comprised of two recipes.

Nestlé says bug-based food is more environmentally friendly, as it reduces dependence on conventional meat. They are expecting a big demand from the consumer-conscious market, particularly after smaller pet brands introduced the product to the market to high demand.

The new pet food was developed mindful of the nutritional requirements of cats and dogs, as well as their different taste profiles.

The protein sources were blended to deliver the essential amino acids dogs and cats need, with different levels of insect proteins for each.

Nestlé says due to the Covid-19 lockdown, pet owners have bonded more with their furry friends and are more likely to spend on them on expensive products.

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