How to create a perfect (and safe) New Year’s Eve party on a budget

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Maybe give the midnight kiss a miss this year.

It’s that time when we say adieu to the year 2020 and welcome a new year filled with new prospects. After a challenging year, from the deadly virus (Hi Covid-19), to the hard lockdown, it’s safe to say a party to kick-start the new year is in order while staying safe!

A New Year’s Eve Party doesn’t have to be expensive to be great. In the time of Covid-19 it’s best to keep it small and intimate and with regulations banning large gatherings of people, having something intimate with your besties in a well-ventilated area is probably a good idea.

Here are a few fun and great tips to have the best New Year’s Eve party without breaking your bank balance.

Make finger foods

At a New Year’s Eve party, no one wants to be eating with a fork and knife. Make it informal yet tasteful by creating bite-sized finger foods for your guests. This will make it more conversational and less formal.

Create a theme

Create a theme worthy of an Instagram moment with a great theme. Whether you go bohemian, 70s glam or an over the top costume party, make it a memorable oasis for your guests to enjoy their last day of the year.

Bottoms up

What’s a party without drinks? Create a bar station where you can create signature drinks for your guests. bring out your creative flair by personalizing your cocktails according to the year 2020. According to Housebeautiful, create a champagne bar so you can toast to the new year in style. Make sure to make the alcohol accessible, but within your budget.

Keep entertained with games

If you’re not into the glitz and glam, then you can invite family and friends over for board games. This will make you all interact and engage with each other. In these tough moments it will be a great opportunity to New Year’s Eve with your loved ones.

Capture moments in a photo booth station

Make your memories count by creating a mini photo booth station where you and your guests can capture your last day of 2020 in a happy and joyous mood. You don’t have to spend a lot of money hiring a big photo booth. EnFete, a party company says you can take images on your phone via timer and put in in a tripod. You can also decorate your backdrop by putting props in it.

Don’t forget to keep hand-sanitizer on standby, and encourage guests to maintain social distancing and to wear a mask.

Maybe give the midnight kiss a miss this year.

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