Stunning spring flower arrangement ideas

Picture: iStock

Picture: iStock

Do something different and embrace 50 shades of greenery in your home by creating a beautiful leaf arrangement.

Spring is a wonderful time of the year, in many ways, especially florally speaking (let’s not talk about hay fever though).

A tight budget doesn’t mean you can’t bring stunning spring flowers and colours into your home. These budget-friendly ideas for spring floral arrangements will have you feeling the season in no time.

Spring blossom branches

Be inspired by van Gogh and co and place a branch with beautiful spring blossoms in your home. We’re not saying do this every week, because then you won’t have a tree left, but if there happens to be branch that is scarily close to the electric fence, we say trim it now!

Any blossoms will do: magnolias, cherry, apple, peach, pear … if it blossoms, you can use it and it will look amazing.

Top tip: Place in a beautiful clear glass vase, or pastel-coloured ceramics. This also works well with sprigs of jasmine.

Teacup flowers

Got cute yet mismatched cups at home that you just never find a use for? Well, even if you do use them, we’ve found a great other use for them too!

Arrange a few flowers in the teacups – they’re ideal for your bedside table. This is great for your budget as you don’t need a lot of flowers to have pretty arrangements in your home – even small blooms from your garden will do.

Pro tip: This is also a way to make a bunch of flowers last longer. When they reach the point where half of them don’t look so good anymore and the other ones are fine, apply this technique.

Only one bunch

As George Orwell wrote in Flower Farm, “some flowers are more expensive than others,” but you can always get away with getting only one bunch of flowers, especially if they are an interesting colour or shape, because sometimes you need to treat yourself.

As a bonus, this works really well with cheaper flowers: an arrangement of one type of flower is very striking. Play around with height and volume when you arrange your flowers to create texture, or place them in vases of different shapes and sizes.

Leaf it alone

We often forget that spring isn’t only when flowers bloom, but also when buds shoot and leaves unfurl. Do something different and embrace 50 shades of greenery in your home by creating a beautiful leaf arrangement.

Leaf arrangements are a very budget-friendly, and trendy, way to bring plants into your home because you can see what you can find in your back yard or neighbourhood to make a beautiful arrangement. Look for shape, texture, and volume when picking leaves to create an interesting composition.

Top tip: Sometimes, if you leave them in for long enough and change the water regularly, the leaves will start rooting and then you’ll have a whole new plant on your hands!

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