Edible gardening: New Year’s resolutions

Rocket. Picture supplied

The New Year has rung in, the naughty Christmas elves have sown all our clothes at least two sizes smaller and we’ve all got a long list of New Year’s resolutions we’re intending to keep for at least a month or two sitting at the top of our minds.

Luckily that’s all you’ll need in order to reap massive rewards from at least one of your resolutions – if you have “Plant up a small organic kitchen garden so I can pick fresh, healthy and tasty herbs and veggies on demand” on your list.

Some herbs to whet your culinary palate:

Rocket: This peppery, nutty flavour is a winner in salads, on sandwiches, in soups and stir fries or even as the main base of a delicious sauce. You can pick fresh leaves throughout the year if you pinch off the top tip preventing it from flowering.

Basil: There are plenty of different types of basil but sweet basil is the most popular variety to use in cooking. Basil is great in so many dishes but is probably best known for its use as a pesto. It compliments all types of meat and fish dishes as well as being a delicious addition to any salad.

Basil. Picture supplied

Basil. Picture supplied

Parsley: Valued for its taste and nutritional value, parsley is definitely best known as a garnish. When cooking it should be added just before the end to get the best flavor. This is such a versatile herb which will never go to waste.

– Life Is A Garden.

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