The Council review – A tale of intrigue and murder

The Council

The Council

The game is like starring in a costume drama that doubles as political thriller.

As the dust starts to settle on 2018, a rather quiet game has nuzzled into the end-of-the-year line-up.

Containing none of the bullets, blood and frenetic action of the festive season’s major players, The Council is a tale of politics, intrigue and murder.

Originally released over the year on PC as a series of episodes, The Council has now landed on consoles and is available as a full download. Its story, set in 1792, centres on a French nobleman, Louis de Richet, who arrives on a remote island in search of his mother.

The island is the home of Lord Mortimer who has summoned some of the world’s biggest political players to hammer out a roadmap for world politics. This shadowy council acts as the world stage’s puppet-masters and plotters, so political double-dealing is the order of the day. Then one of the guests turns up murdered…

There are some RPG elements in the game that give players an edge depending which talents they pick, but for the most part they have to rely as on their smarts and reflexes.

Shot through with austere presentation and a rather dark atmosphere, The Council is like starring in a costume drama that doubles as political thriller.

Action junkies needn’t apply. Suckers for a great story should dive right in.

Rating: ★★★★☆

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