Hangwani finds Rendani’s marriage certificate this week on ‘Muvhango’

Picture: Muvhango Facebook page

Watch ‘Muvhango’ this week as the drama unfolds.

Monday 8 June 

Mpho volunteers to make a sacrifice to save the Vhakwevho from being torn apart. Rendani makes an unexpected discovery about Hulisani after she commits to him. Ausi Ntsoaki’s interview goes bad.

Tuesday 9 June 

Mpho has resigned from working under Tendamudzimu, but other chiefs in other regions have something to say about it. All hell breaks loose in Hangwani’s household when she finds Rendani’s marriage certificate. Marang is pleased that things are going well for Ausi Ntsoaki.

Wednesday 10 June 

Azwindini finally gives Mpho his blessing, but the blessings have conditions. After all the indifference, Hulisani wins Hangwani over. Apparently Ausi Ntsoaki is cursed.

Thursday 11 June 

Tenda is convinced that Mpho has been sent by the royal house to spy on him. Shaz finds Rendani’s secret, will she keep her mouth shut? Ausi Seipati tells Ausi Ntsoaki that she needs a cleansing ceremony.

Friday 12 June 

Azwindini reveals his scheme to trap Tendamudzimu, to which Mpho has an unexpected reaction. Rendani’s fears are justified when Gizara finds out about her secret marriage. There are strange happenings in James and Marang’s house when Ausi Ntsoaki undergoes a ritual to lift her curse.

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