‘Muvhango’ this week: The heist goes horribly wrong

Picture: Muvhango Facebook page

Watch ‘Muvhango’ this week as the drama unfolds.

Monday 25 May 

Azwindini scores points with his rebellious wife due to a misunderstanding. Qhawe’s world is shaken when his past starts catching up with him. Rendani and Shaz realise they were last to set eyes on the conwoman.

Tuesday 26 May 

Susan advises Mpho to cry at the feet of the matriarchs. Bhekani wants to drop out of the heist but Qhawe changes his tune. Marang and James get an unexpected guest.

Wednesday 27 May 

Mpho’s victory celebration is short-lived. An unexpected turn occurs when the heist goes horribly wrong. Will Marang be able to rid of an unwanted visitor?

Thursday 28 May 

There is strife in the royal house with one unhappy royal wife, forcing Azwindini to compromise. Qhawe is a loving and attentive boyfriend and wonderful father-to-be, until Gugu makes a gruesome discovery. A hysterical Ausi Ntsoaki interrupts a romantic evening between James and Marang.

Friday 29 May 

Mpho gets what she did not bargain for. Gugu is reeling when she learns something new about Qhawe. It seems Ausi Ntsoaki is going nowhere anytime soon.

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