Rendani’s plan to get rid of Mohau fails this week on ‘Muvhango’

Picture: Muvhango Facebook page

Watch ‘Muvhango’ as the drama unfolds this week.

Monday January 13

Vho-Masindi supports Phusuphusu and Mulalo in the presence of Azwindini. Eric convinces Gugu to fight for her father’s legacy. Hagwani wonders whether Rendani has had second thoughts about the wedding.

Tuesday January 14

Vho-Masindi risks the wrath of the family, calling for a council meeting to state Phusuphusu’s case. Gugu is terrified that she has unleashed a wrath that will bring about her family’ demise. Rendani, the perfect Makoti, finally snaps.

Wednesday January 15

Mulalo is pushed into the corner by corruption allegations. Gugu wants to play superhero by saving Qhawe from risking his own life. Rendani’s plan is in motion when she begins to deceive Mohau.

Thursday January 16

Mulalo takes a huge blow, how is he going to defend himself? Gugu’s Zikalala side manifests when she faces the enemy head-on. Rendani realises her plan to get rid of Mohau has failed.

Friday January 17

It seems like Tshilidzi is the new damage controller of the royal house. Gugu wants Qhawe to stick around, both for business and for the night. Rendani is keen to continue on her deceiving plans, as she pursues another plan to get rid of Mohau.

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