‘Generations’ this week: A hug between two friends lingers a little too long

Picture: Generations' Facebook page

Picture: Generations' Facebook page

Watch ‘Generations’ this week as the drama unfolds.

Monday September 9

Smanga is delighted to finally get his way. Mpho can’t help being jealous when he hears about the kiss. Pele arrives unexpectedly and makes an arrest.

Tuesday September 10

Palesa tells her sister to stop acting like a wuss. Lesedi isn’t sure if she’s doing the right thing. Gadaffi’s happiness is short-lived when he hears what went down at the airport.

Wednesday September 11

Lerato gives her bestie a taste of her own medicine. An unexpected announcement leaves the Diales reeling. Cosmo is furious when he catches someone dealing at the shebeen.

Thursday September 12

Mpho is shocked when a girl goes down on her knees for him. The Morokas wonder what is up with Crazy J. Cynthia’s strange behaviour makes Tau suspicious.

Friday September 13

A hug between two friends lingers a little too long. Sphe tries to score a second chance for her brother-in-law. Lesedi decides to tackle the bull by the horns.

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