An uninvited guest spoils Yvonne and Quinton’s party this week on ‘Scandal’

Picture: etv Scandal/Facebook

Watch ‘Scandal’ this week as the drama unfolds.

Monday August 26

Quinton and Yvonne receive some discouraging news. Boniswa isn’t ready for her mother-in-law’s interrogation, or her daughter’s decision to spill the beans. Stokkies attempts to mend his friend’s broken heart with a confession, but it backfires on him badly.

Tuesday August 27

An unseen and uninvited guest takes action to spoil Yvonne and Quinton’s party. Lulama takes action to help her family. A new romance faces a make or break moment.

Wednesday August 28

Quinton claims his freedom and rushes off to save a partner. A dead son appears to his mother and she takes action. Father and daughter lick their wounds.

Thursday August 29

Neo is determined to make Yvonne pay for her deeds. Xolile refuses to see Romeo and a family member decides to step in. Ingrid asks Stokkies about a memory she has from when she was in hospital.

Friday August 30

After a threatening demand, hostilities ramp up. Romeo finally faces his fear. Lindiwe is inspired by a potentially life-changing idea.

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