One of Marothi’s hidden secrets is revealed this week on ‘Skeem Saam’

One of Marothi’s hidden secrets is revealed this week on ‘Skeem Saam’

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Watch ‘Skeem Saam’ this week as the drama unfolds.

Monday June 17

MaNtuli witnesses a concerning argument between Glenda and Kwaito. Lehasa decides to throw caution to the wind about Lelo. Leshole and Big Boy’s excitement about the house is dampened when they learn that something else is required for them to obtain it.

Tuesday June 18

Elizabeth finds an unexpected and raging visitor at her doorstep. Granny shares  a disconcerting dream she’s had with Celia. Lehasa has an idea on how to hit Marothi where it hurts the most.

Wednesday June 19

Captain Malebana is stunned by the revelation of another one of Marothi’s long hidden secrets. Kwaito wishes for peace of mind as he struggles to make a decision between his women. Big Boy is relieved when he gets a breakthrough in a matter that has been troubling him.

Thursday June 20

An overly invested MaNtuli makes life hard for Kwaito. Lehasa is one step closer to making his enemy feel his wrath. Big Boy and Leshole make great sacrifices to achieve their dream.

Friday June 21

Marothi dodges a bullet, but a few more are still aimed at him. MaNtuli gets an idea on how she can stop Lizzy and Kwaito for good. Big Boy and Leshole receive good news.


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