‘Generations’ this week: There are surprises during reading of Tshidi’s will

Picture: Generations' Facebook page

Picture: Generations' Facebook page

Watch ‘Generations’ this week as the drama unfolds.

Monday June 17

Gadaffi is moved by his wife’s words.  Crazy J is floored by what he witnesses at the Moroka house. Lucy receives a shock when a ‘customer’ insists on seeing her.

Tuesday June 18

The Diales make a delightful discovery in the shebeen. Smanga blurts out the family’s secret to the press. Tshidi’s heart breaks when she sees her boys so wounded.

Wednesday June 19

A fist-fight breaks out at the Siqalo gym. Palesa is having a hard time but hides it from the family. Ayanda’s pent-up pain and anger finally comes pouring out.

Thursday June 20

Zitha desperately tries to cover her tracks. Tau is caught off guard by Jack’s proposal. Mpho tells Gadaffi to pull himself together.

Friday June 21

Lerato puts her foot in it when she gives some unwelcome advice. Cocky Joshua thinks no one has the guts to take him on. There are some surprises in store during the reading of Tshidi’s will.

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