‘Muvhango’ this week: Seretse leaves a goodbye letter for Imani

‘Muvhango’ this week: Seretse leaves a goodbye letter for Imani

Picture: Muvhango Facebook page

Here’s what’s coming up on ‘Muvhango’ this week.

Monday June 17

Gugu and Imani’s relationship seems to be headed for a downfall. A new member in Gizara’s family causes discord. Sundani is losing her grip on her Tenda.

Tuesday June 18

Seretse leaves a goodbye letter for Imani. Gizara is hit by a life threatening scare. Dee thinks she has Tenda wrapped around her fingers.

Wednesday June 19

Gugu and Imani mend their bridge and hit a truce. Gizara’s life threatening health scare seems severe. Tenda and Sundani hit a rocky patch while Dee nearly loses the baby.

Thursday June 20

Imani realises that she might have made the biggest mistake of her life. The effects of Gizara’s health scare put a strain on the family. Sundani is not impressed that Tenda is bringing Dee to the house.

Friday June 21

Gugu struggles to hide her jealousy over Imani and Seretse. Gizara feels emasculated and diminished in front of his family. Sundani bribes Dee to get out of Tenda’s life.

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