‘Muvhango’ this week: Mulalo extends an olive branch to Azwindini

Picture: Muvhango Facebook page

Picture: Muvhango Facebook page

Here’s what’s coming up on ‘Muvhango’ this week.

Monday December 24

Azwindini stands his ground against the elders. Moliehi fumes when the lawyer refuses to temper with the will. Thobile unwittingly ostracises Lucky.

Tuesday December 25

Gizara realises that he is not welcome in his home. Moliehi reveals to James why having Gugu around is a risk. Has Thobile lost Lucky for good?

Wednesday December 26

Azwindini learns that Mulalo disobeyed him. Gugu is in a tight spot. Thobile assumes the worst about Lucky.

Thursday December 27

The ancestors communicate a powerful message through Muvhango. Gugu learns that she has an inheritance due to her. Thobile kicks Lucky out after learning about his lie.

Friday December 28

Mulalo extends an olive branch to Azwindini. Moliehi changes tact where Gugu is concerned. Thobile is a mess after ending things with Lucky.

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