‘Scandal’ this week: Eddie has distressing news for the Ngemas

This is what’s coming up on ‘Scandal’ this week.

Monday November 27

Quinton is rebuffed by one woman when he tries to apologise, and threatened by another when he refuses to back down. Stokkies takes the blame for something he didn’t do. Concerns are misinterpreted at the hotel.

Tuesday November 28

Quinton sets the record straight publicly, and Lindiwe refuses to believe the truth. Eddie has some extremely distressing news for the Ngemas. Mlungisi takes a risk.

Wednesday November 29

Dintle is given a lifeline and a warning, and Lindiwe is told something which breaks her heart. Eddie is relieved to hear that others also know about a problem which concerns him greatly. Timothy believes he is witnessing yet another crime at the hotel.

Thursday November 30

A young man is rejected by two very different women in the course of one afternoon. Maletsatsi receives life-changing news and makes a rash decision. Mlungisi sticks to his guns in the face of a warning.

Friday December 1

A truce comes to an abrupt end, but one of the parties is completely unaware that hostilities have resumed. Maletsatsi panics when she realises she has made a monumental error. Grace is embarrassed by a revelation, but not nearly as embarrassed as Neo is.

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