The Diales say their goodbyes to Getty this week on ‘Generations’

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Watch ‘Generations’ this week as the drama unfolds.

Monday November 27

Mrekza saves Getty’s life. Jack takes his power back. Fana tells his sister not to back down.

Tuesday November 28

Gog’Flo receives an unexpected visitor. Nandi is ready to take action in order to save her family. Mazwi insists on setting a few terms of his own.

Wednesday November 29

Smanga is determined to keep his distance from Rorisang. Why is Molefe popping pills in secret? Lesedi is shocked by what she walks in on at school.

Thursday November 30

Jack tells Sphe to clean up her mess. The Diales say their goodbyes to Getty. Tau is livid when he loses to Ezweni.

Friday December 1

An ex-mentor seethes when his ex-student rubs his defeat in his face. The World Aids Day function gets off to a tense start. Mazwi’s flirting with a pretty young girl doesn’t go unnoticed.

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