‘Isibaya’ this week: Is Mpiyakhe cheating?

‘Isibaya’ this week: Is Mpiyakhe cheating?

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Watch ‘Isibaya’ this week to find out.

Monday November 27

Jabu and Zama try to bring their families together. The full extent of Lethu’s obsession is finally revealed. Mandla tries to make things right with MaNtuli. Will he succeed?

Tuesday November 28

Phumelele makes a shocking discovery – is Mpiyakhe cheating? Bongani and MaNtuli try to cheer Mandla up, but it proves a harder task than expected.

Wednesday November 29

Qondi and Zama bond and plan a party. Mpiyakhe deals with the aftermath of Lethu’s actions.

Thursday November 30

Shadrack makes the Ngwenyas a deal. Zakithi begs Mpiyakhe to intervene with Lethu. Phumelele misjudges Mpiyakhe’s actions.

Friday December 1

Zakhiti is desperate for help. Qondi throws a party, but it takes a nasty turn.






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