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Sparks fly between MaNzuza and Advocate Zulu this week on ‘Uzalo’

Sparks fly between MaNzuza and Advocate Zulu this week on ‘Uzalo’

Here’s what’s coming up on ‘Uzalo’ this week.

Monday November 6

Nkunzi reminds MaNgcobo who’s in charge. MaNzuza and Advocate Zulu work hard to avoid each other. Khumbulani suggests he doesn’t do well with women.

Tuesday November 7

Mastermind worries that the cat is out of the bag. Smangele stumbles on an emotional Khumbulani. MaNzuza is keen on Pastor Mdletshe’s dinner suggestions.

Wednesday November 8

Khumbulani fears Smangele won’t take his secret well. Zekhethelo is shocked to find out some information about Nkunzi and digs deeper. Are MaNzuza and Advocate Zulu asking for trouble?

Thursday November 9

Mastermind goes for Captain Mthimkhulu’s most precious possession. A dolled up MaNzuza tells Pastor Mdletshe she’s off to meet Advocate Zulu. Can Khumbulani tell Smangele everything?

Friday November 10

A letter turns Smangele’s world upside down. Nkunzi’s long awaited toy arrives but now he has to deal with the consequences. Sparks fly between MaNzuza and Advocate Zulu.




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