Mumsy disappears again this week on ‘Uzalo’

Mumsy disappears again this week on ‘Uzalo’

Here’s what’s coming up on ‘Uzalo’ this week.

Monday September 16

Qhabanga begs Innocentia not to tell Nkunzi about them. GC refuses medication. Mastermind is angry that Mumsy just left again. Innocentia risks her relationship with Nkunzi for MaNgcobo.
Tuesday September 17

When pushed into a corner, Innocentia reveals a secret that could ruin MaNgcobo’s life for good. MaXimba is pained when she sees her son in a terrible state. The chickens have come home to roost in the Mdletshe house. Mastermind wants answers from Mumsy about her disappearing acts but Mumsy has none.
Wednesday September 18

Jojo is nervous as GC asks him to visit him in hospital. Nkunzi confronts MaNgcobo about her attempt to kill Innocentia.
Thursday September 19

MaXimba finds out a bit more about GC’s situation before she arrives. Zekhethelo is desperate for Mastermind to give her another chance. Everyone is worried about MaNgcobo’s escape. Mumsy begs Mastermind to give her another chance

Friday September 20

Innocentia tries to get Qhabanga to get rid of MaNgcobo. Mamlambo advises MaXimba to leave Bhomu. MaNzuza wants the entire family to fast for Mumsy’s deliverance




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