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The search for GC begins this week on ‘Uzalo’

Watch ‘Uzalo’ this week as the drama unfolds.

Monday September 11

GC waits for Jojo at the shisanyama but is disappointed when he sees him with Thobile and Smangele. Innocentia warns MaNgcobo not to fight her or she will tell Nkunzi that MaNgcobo tried to murder her. MaNzuza is still unsure about leaving Mumsy unsupervised. Mumsy tells Zekhethelo that she often gets urges to rebel.

Tuesday September 12

The search for GC begins and his friends wonder if they didn’t push him away. MaNgcobo is furious when she learns what an old enemy is planning to harm someone she loves dearly. It looks like Mumsy is up to something and Mxolisi has no idea what it is.

Wednesday September 13

MaNgcobo makes a shocking discovery about a sworn enemy. GC’s life hangs in the balance. MaNzuza and Pastor Mdletshe return to find the curse of Gomorrah in their living room. Zekhethelo is shocked to learn that Innocentia wants to kick Nosipho out
Thursday September 14

MaNgcobo has a plan to get herself out of the hospital. The church members hear about GC’s condition. Innocentia ropes in an ally to help bring an enemy down. Pastor Mdletshe reads Mumsy and Mxolisi the riot act

Friday September 15

MaNgcobo does all she can to ensure she leaves Sunnyhill. GC regains consciousness and a lot of uncertainty awaits in his life. Mumsy pulls one of her stunts again

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