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Dintle employs lies to achieve her goal this week on ‘Scandal’

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Watch ‘Scandal’ this week as the drama unfolds.

Monday September 11

Romeo is given an extremely difficult cyber task to carry out, and a mother makes a humiliating admission to her daughter. Two people discover they may not be jobless after all, but the jobs are not what either really wants. A young woman longs for a future with a man whose feelings she is unsure of.

Tuesday September 12

Dintle is identified as the best candidate to carry out a secret mission. Ingrid feels pressurised, which leads to a spat. Zinzile is unhappy about a school project.

Wednesday September 13

Dintle is only too happy to be asked to mess with someone, but her first attempt to do so is thwarted. Ingrid makes a life-changing decision. Lindiwe believes that a friend is trying to sabotage her relationship with someone else.

Thursday September 14

Dintle employs lies to achieve her goal, but is interrupted as she is about to achieve success. A father is far from pleased with his daughter’s decision. Lindiwe feels betrayed by a family member.

Friday September 15

Three conspirators make a disturbing discovery, and an NHF staff member receives an anonymous threat. Ingrid is shocked when she stumbles across evidence of infidelity. Neighbours get into an argument which turns serious.

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