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Romeo saves someone with a lie this week on ‘Scandal’

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Watch Scandal’ this week as the drama unfolds.

Monday September 4

Hlengiwe discovers something which makes her even more suspicious, and a man is very disturbed to see her on his turf. Quinton is accused of being responsible for something he knows nothing about. Lindiwe discovers an awful truth which devastates her.

Tuesday September 5

Someone who has a lot to hide is not happy about a development at the hotel, and Yvonne recklessly tells a lie. Quinton is very surprised and not entirely pleased about his mother’s business decision. Mary is forced to consider whether she is as good a person as she thinks she is.

Wednesday September 6

Romeo saves someone with a lie, and another lie is told to protect Grace. Quinton is horrified to discover that someone close to him has been engaged in an illegal activity. Kgosi is determined to keep Lindiwe from becoming a nerd.

Thursday September 7  

A robbery becomes the worrying focus of an investigation which could impact several people’s lives. Layla is disappointed and very unhappy that she has to admit defeat. A young woman’s feelings get in the way of her doing the right thing.

Friday September 8

A wife learns a lesson which could see her not being so quick to jump to conclusions in the future. A young entrepreneur is unable to lie her way out of responsibility for an awful situation. Lindiwe’s life takes a sudden and exciting turn for the better.

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