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‘Generations’ this week: Lucy is ready to kill someone

'Generations: The Legacy' family

'Generations: The Legacy' family

Watch ‘Generations’ this week as the drama unfolds.

Monday August 28

Nandi urges Sphe to tell the truth. Jack knows how to stroke Mazwi’s ego. Zondiwe is not going to let anyone dictate to her.

Tuesday August 29

Lucy is ready to commit murder when she hears Elsa’s suggestion. Mpho resorts to stealing again. Gadaffi wants his brother to join forces with him.

Wednesday August 30

Tau spirals out of control. Gog’Flo calls a family meeting. Zitha tries to manipulate Fana into giving her information.

Thursday August 31

The children are mortified by their unexpected sex talk. Scandalised patrons eagerly start recording when a fight in the shebeen turns ugly. Wandile is shocked to hear what her sister wants her to do.

Friday September 1

Lesedi feels sorry for her humiliated boyfriend. Nandi isn’t happy to see the man who deceived her. James realises he’s been drugged.

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