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GC is tormented in prison this week on ‘Uzalo’

Watch ‘Uzalo’ this week as the drama unfolds.

Monday August 21

MaNgcobo feels betrayed when she finds MaMlambo with Nkunzi. Mastermind confronts Mumsy about the story in the paper. GC gets locked up and when he meets his fellow prisoners, he realises he’s in for a tough few hours. Thobile suggests to Smangele that they start their own salon.

Tuesday August 22

Will Mumsy manage to run away with all the money she’s hiding?  GC is too scared to tell Mondli who the guns really belong to. Will Mxolisi and Zekhethelo ever accept this blossoming love between Nkunzi and MaNgcobo?

Wednesday August 23

Mondli threatens to put a bruised and battered GC back in a cell with Mhlengi unless he gives up DK. Nkunzi invites Mdletshes to his engagement party. Mumsy buries her stolen money. GC is tormented in prison.

Thursday August 24

MaNgcobo gets a cold reception from MaMlambo when she pays her a visit to apologise. DK observes from a distance as GC flashes money around at the shisanyama. Terror arrives in KwaMashu in search of Mumsy.

Friday August 25

Mumsy’s unwelcome visitor manages to trick those around her. MaNgcobo gets messages that leave her feeling scared and unnerved. MaMlambo’s money goes missing. MaNgcobo is unusually quiet and distant at breakfast, Zekhethelo thinks it’s wedding jitters.

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