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Mary is distraught when a plan backfires this week on ‘Scandal’

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Here’s what to expect this week on ‘Scandal’.

Monday August 21

Yvonne is extremely frustrated when everyone she talks to dismisses her claims as fantasy. Javas continues to misinterpret a situation, which keeps him from moving forward. Mary is determined to hook her fish, and Lindiwe reveals a secret disappointment.

Tuesday August 22

Romeo and Neo are both stunned when it becomes clear that Yvonne was telling the truth. Quinton is surprised by someone’s unusual diligence, and two people finally get it together to arrange a date with each other. Omphile comes up with a plan to kick-start Mary’s love life.

Wednesday August 23

A missing person’s face is about to appear in The New Voice, and Neo puts out a hit on someone he thought was out of his life for good. Quinton makes an offer and a refusal to one of the women in his life. Mary is distraught when a plan backfires.

Thursday August 24

Yvonne makes a discovery which is both a relief and a concern. A miscommunication leads to tension between two people who really like each other.  A young woman is mortified when she thinks she is being given the brush-off.

Friday August 25

Mjomane thinks he may have found a way of striking back at someone who mistreated him. Dintle is appalled when she realises she has shot herself in the foot. Lindiwe comes up with an unusual plan to help a friend.

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