‘Uzalo’ this week: Will Jojo be left with a broken heart?

‘Uzalo’ this week: Will Jojo be left with a broken heart?

Watch ‘Uzalo’ this week as the drama unfolds.

Monday June 26

Nkunzi tries to convince Mastermind to help him escape. Thobile realises she doesn’t see a future with Mastermind. Mondli embarrasses himself in front of the captain and Qhabanga. Thobile joins the support group at the church, making the board very happy.

Tuesday June 27

Nkunzi promises to sort out Zekhethelo’s lack of accommodation. Thobile confirms with Smangele that she broke up with Mastermind. Mondli apologises to Qhabanga and they smoke the peace pipe. MaNgcobo throws a big celebration, but has a huge surprise waiting for her at home.

Wednesday June 28

Jojo returns to KwaMashu, but GC is adamant they cannot just pick up where they left off. The Mdletshes are livid to hear Nkunzi has escaped. MaNgcobo comes face to face with Nkunzi in the Xulu house, with dire consequences.

Thursday June 29

Will GC say yes to marriage or will Jojo be left with a broken heart? MaNgcobo’s nightmare with Nkunzi holding her hostage continues. Mxolisi makes it clear to the Mdletshes that the Xulu family may need him more now.

Friday June 30

Mondli accuses Qhabanga of helping Nkunzi escape. Pastor Mdletshe is not happy to marry GC and Jojo or about gay marriages as a whole. GC does not want his family to be part of his wedding and asks the Mdletshes to accept ilobolo on his behalf. Mxolisi wants to find Zekhethelo.




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