‘Muvhango’ this week: What are KK and Tendamudzimu up to?

Mcdonald Ndou. Picture: www.sabc.co.za

Mcdonald Ndou. Picture: www.sabc.co.za

Watch ‘Muvhango’ this week as the drama unfolds.

Monday June 26

Thandaza and Ranthomeng take their relationship to new heights. Azwindini is rattled by a ‘chiefs must fall’ petition. Will he fall? Bongi and Sthembiso have their first date at a wedding.

Tuesday June 27

The big launch in Thathe turns into a disaster. Imani’s heart still belongs to Ranthomeng. An innocent kiss lands Sthembiso in trouble.

Wednesday June 28

Azwindini’s encounter with Tenda is splashed all over the newspapers. Imani is jealous of Gugu. Sthembiso gets the wrong end of the stick at work.

Thursday June 29

Ranthomeng refuses to dance to Azwindini’s tune. Mankosi wants to know Gugu better. Sthembiso lets Nonny down at work.

Friday June 30

What are KK and Tendamudzimu up to? Is something wrong with Lethukuthula? Sthembiso bites more than he can chew.




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