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Lovers are caught in the act this week on ‘Generations’

'Generations: The Legacy' family

'Generations: The Legacy' family

Watch ‘Generations’ this week as the drama unfolds.

Monday May 8

Jack chooses work over Nandi. Zitha is excited about being a spy for a night. Sphe tries to be supportive but gets told off instead.

Tuesday May 9

Smanga witnesses a kiss and fumes. Gadaffi is put in his place. Gog’Flo confirms Cosmo’s suspicions about the secret affair.

Wednesday May 10

Tshidi falls for a young boy’s lies. The lovers are caught in the act. Namhla makes a startling discovery.

Thursday May 11

Jack loses his temper in full view of the board. Mrekza is devastated that his ‘services’ are no longer required. Mazwi and Tau face off.

Friday May 12

Dr Watson tells Nandi she’ll have to make a sacrifice. Smanga wonders if their conniving ways were really worth it. Lucy grabs a gun so she can finish Gadaffi off.

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