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‘Uzalo’: MaMlambo makes her affair with Pastor Mdletshe public

The cast of 'Uzalo'. Picture: Supplied

The cast of 'Uzalo'. Picture: Supplied

How will the pastor clear his name? Watch ‘Uzalo’ this week as the drama unfolds.

Monday March 20

MaMlambo is gutted as MaNzuza invites her to the Mdletshe vow renewal. Innocentia tells Zekhethelo she is convinced Nkunzi is cheating with MaNgcobo. Mxolisi unwittingly asks Zekhethelo out to her father’s shisanyama.

Tuesday March 21

An unexpected stranger sweeps Nosipho off her feet. MaMlambo receives shocking news from the board and blames Pastor Mdletshe for it. Innocentia is not prepared for what her husband brings home.

Wednesday March 22

MaNgocbo tries to adjust to living with Nkunzi’s family. Innocentia is adamant that MaNgcobo is bad news. MaMlambo struggles to deal with Pastor Mdletshe’s rejection and decides to make their affair public. Amos wants to get to know Nosipho more.

Thursday March 23

MaNzuza is adamant Pastor Mdletshe should register a case of defamation of character against MaMlambo. Pastor Mdletshe confesses to MaNzuza that he slept with MaMlambo. Nkunzi loses it when a customer calls MaNgcobo a murderer.

Friday March 24

MaMlambo’s guilt over what she did eats away at her. Nkunzi makes it clear to Innocentia that she must keep her hands off MaNgcobo or face his wrath. MaNzuza makes a grand gesture to clear Pastor Mdletshe’s name.

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