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Mpiyakhe disappears this week on ‘Isibaya’

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Will the ancestors come through for Mehlemamba in helping him track down Mpiyakhe?

Monday March 20

The bloody war between the Zungus and Ngwenya reaches a brutal end. Zama suffers severe consequences because of her father’s actions, while Mpiyakhe pays a heavy price for his choices.

Tuesday March 21

Mpiyakhe has disappeared and the Zungus are growing increasingly desperate. Meanwhile, Zama fights for her life.

Wednesday March 22

Mehlemamba appeals to the ancestors for help in tracking down Mpiyakhe, while a cardiac specialist tells Zama shocking news.

Thursday March 23

Mpiyakhe is growing weaker and weaker. While Zama weighs her options, the police swoop in on another member of the Ngwenya family.

Friday March 24

Mehlemamba starts experiencing the same pain and suffering as Mpiyakhe. Zama’s life-threatening heart problem has those who love her in a desperate situation.

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