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Layla makes an accusation this week on ‘Scandal’

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Here’s what’s coming up

Monday March 20

Romeo and Siseko have to beg in order to save themselves. Mlungisi is shocked to discover that members of his family have been keeping things from him. A conversation goes badly off track, with surprising results.

Tuesday March  21

Yvonne believes she deserves to be rewarded for saving someone’s bacon. Ndumiso is not nearly as happy as he should be. Stokkies prepares a speech.

Wednesday March 22

Yvonne is hugely relieved when she secures a new benefactor, and Layla discovers something fishy about another Newtonian resident. Ndumiso is shocked at how fast Gontse is moving on. Stokkies receives an unexpected response to a declaration.

Thursday March 23

Layla makes an accusation and a pair of conspirators realise they could be in serious trouble. Ndumiso is determined that all will be well. Stokkies is relieved that his plan went wrong.

Friday March 24

Layla is encouraged to share some evidence and Romeo’s attempt to save himself is thwarted. Mlungisi is happy to hear from an old associate, but alarmed by news about a family member. Gloria believes that someone has got what they deserve.

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