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KK accuses Azwindini of witchcraft this week on ‘Muvhango’

Mcdonald Ndou. Picture:

Mcdonald Ndou. Picture:

The Mukwevhos will not let him get away with it. Watch ‘Muvhango’ this week as the drama unfolds.

Monday March 20

KK seems to be losing his mind. Thandaza wants Detective Lebone to arrest Mam’Prophet. Mrs Gumede finds out who has been following her.

Tuesday March 21

Mrs Gumede’s stalker comes clean. KK accuses Azwindini of witchcraft. Thandaza gets an unwelcome visitor.

Wednesday March 22

Mam’Prophet returns for Thandaza. KK is arrested for accusing Azwindini of witchcraft. James is not supportive of Busi’s plans.

Monday March 23

Mr Gumede almost blows his cover. Mulalo has a big decision to make. James descends hard on Rendani.

Friday March 24

Vusi plays with fire. KK learns only the Mukwevhos can help him. James finally comes on board and agrees to help Busi.

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