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Beauty and Qaphela try to find Zama this week on ‘Isibaya’

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Watch ‘Isibaya’ this week as the drama unfolds.

Monday March 13

With no time on his hands, Mpiyakhe’s desperate plan must be put into action. He takes the first terrifying steps on a journey he may not return from, while his children bravely fight for their own freedom.

Tuesday March 14

Thandeka must take control of her father’s terrifying plan. Beauty is increasingly worried about Zama and her fears put Judas under pressure. Lieutenant Mkhize is shocked when her investigation suddenly turns bloody.

Wednesday March 15

Mpiyakhe’s attempts to save his family are shockingly undermined by the return of an unexpected enemy. The cracks continue to show in the Ngwenya family as Beauty fears something terrible has happened to Zama.

Thursday March 16

With Mpiyakhe’s plans seeming to be in tatters, a loved one faces death. Judas struggles to keep his own plans on track, while Beauty and Qaphela try to find Zama. The Zungu children make a risky decision.

Friday March 17

With the help of Thandeka, S’bu and Fezile, Mpiyakhe confronts Judas in a spectacular and shocking battle. The fate of the Zungus and Ngwenyas lies in Mpiyakhe’s hands.

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