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Ndumiso makes a confession this week on ‘Scandal’

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Watch ‘Scandal’ this week to find out what he has to say.

Monday March 13

Quinton takes sides against his mother and Dintle receives an unexpected and surprising offer. Ndumiso is alarmed when he receives some news about Gontse. The results of a hotly contested competition are finally announced.

Tuesday March  14

Mangi makes a request which is ridiculed and refused, while Romeo receives a warning he won’t easily forget. Gontse takes her woes out of town. Stokkies and Chantal find themselves in an awkward situation with Garland.

Wednesday March 15

Yvonne discovers that her new duties may extend to activities she has no desire to partake in, and Romeo makes a sinister request. Gloria is horrified when an enemy blurts out some disturbing information. A question from her son has Chantal doubting her future.

Thursday March 16

An act of violence leads Yvonne to a realisation, and Romeo’s impatience leads to recklessness. Ndumiso makes a confession and a request, both of which are met with dismay. Stokkies pretends to accept an explanation which actually breaks his heart.

Friday March 17

A plan of Romeo’s backfires badly and he is forced to do damage control. Phindile is stunned when a confrontation does not go as expected. Two people reach the same decision without the other knowing.

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