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Zama makes a risky move this week on ‘Isibaya’

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This is what’s coming up this week on ‘Isibaya’.

Monday March 6

Mkabayi and the family fight hard, but what will happen when Judas pulls a trump card? Mpiyakhe arrives in KwaManzini to a shocking scene.

Tuesday March 7

The Zungus reel from emotional turmoil, while Zama continues to defy her parents. Desperate to save his loved ones, Mpiyakhe finds himself faced with a terrible choice.

Wednesday March 8

Mpiyakhe shocks his family with his decision – but what other choice is there? The Zungu children stand together and Zama is determined to help.

Thursday March 9

Iris makes a bold and dangerous move to help the Zungus. Mpiyakhe finds himself having to trust his oldest enemy. Lieutenant Mkhize confronts Judas, as the Zungu children take matters into their hands.

Friday March 10

Iris’ attempt to help the Zungus places her in real danger, while Mehlemamba is in turmoil about Mpiyakhe’s decision. Zama makes a risky move as the Zungu children put their plan into action.

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