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MaMlambo nearly catches GC and Jojo this week on ‘Uzalo’

The cast of 'Uzalo'. Picture: Supplied

The cast of 'Uzalo'. Picture: Supplied

Watch ‘Uzalo’ this week as the drama unfolds.

Monday December 19

Mondli is committed to a long-term plan with Nosipho. MaNgcobo welcomes Mondli only for the benefit of the Xulus. Jabulile is back in KwaMashu with a new plan. Mondli agrees to the plan to hurt those he claims to love. The Xulus have their own plan in motion against Jabulile.

Tuesday December 20

Ayanda and MaNzuza are surprised by Smangele’s emotional outburst when she is pushed on going for a sonogram. Mastermind confronts Mxolisi about Nosipho and Mondli dating. MaMlambo nearly catches GC and Jojo in an embrace.

Wednesday December 21

Ayanda and Mxolisi play cat and mouse with each other regarding Sibahle, much to Ayanda’s fury and Mxolisi’s amusement. Mondli goes to Pongola and discovers some very interesting information regarding Bandile. Smangele continues with her lie even though it’s eating her up inside.

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