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Onika drops a bombshell on Ndalamo this week on ‘Muvhango’

Image courtesy of Facebook

Image courtesy of Facebook

Here’s what to expect this week on ‘Muvhango’.

Monday December 19

Azwindini is given a choice to choose between Susan and the baby. Ndalamo gives in to his temptation. Nonny plays Pule.

Tuesday December 20

Azwindini is forced to make difficult life-changing decisions. Ndalamo ignores KK’s warnings and finds himself in way over his head. Nonny’s plan to grab Pule’s attention backfires.

Wednesday December 21

Azwindini finds Mulimisi, but is he in time to save Susan? Onika and Ndalamo battle to keep their affair under wraps. Nonny decides to do the right thing, but it’s the hardest decision she’s ever had to make.

Thursday December 22

Azwindini takes the necklace Mulimisi gave him to Susan. Will it work or is it too late? Onika drops a bombshell on Ndalamo. Nonny tells Thandaza her sad news.

Friday December 23

Susan is discharged from hospital. Onika and Ndalamo have a fall out. Nonny regrets calling Pule on his cellphone.

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