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Ngwebedla finally gets what he wants this week on ‘Isibaya’

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Will Mehlemamba succumb to Lerato’s advances? Watch ‘Isibaya’ this week as the drama unfolds.

Monday December 12

Zama narrowly escapes being caught out by Judas. Ngwebedla is back to his old tricks. Thandeka confronts Melusi about his misdeed, and Sunday unleashes Lerato upon his unsuspecting adversaries.

Tuesday December 13

Sunday attempts to neutralise Mehlemamba’s powers using Lerato. The Chieftaincy is confronted with a difficult situation. Don volunteers to help Thandeka with Melusi.

Wednesday December 14

Judas puts pressure on Sunday to fast-track their attack on the Zungus. Don makes progress with Melusi. Meanwhile, Melhemamba battles to resist Lerato’s advances.

Thursday December 15

Will Mehlemamba succumb to Lerato’s advances? Iris overhears the Ngwenyas’ diabolical plan. Ngwebedla finally gets what he wants. Zanele finds herself drawn to Qaphela.

Friday December 16

The Zungu taxis prepare to leave with the delegation for Bhubesini. Mehlemamba arrives in Johannesburg with an urgent warning.

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