The Ngemas receive devastating news this week on ‘Scandal’

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Watch ‘Scandal’ this week as the drama unfolds.

Monday, November 28    

Romeo saves the day, but his reward turns out to be more than he actually wants. Layla has the wind somewhat taken out of her sails during a confrontation. Gontse and Ndumiso’s home decoration plans don’t go quite as expected.

Tuesday, November 29  

Romeo finds himself in the unusual position of being in a situation that he fears he cannot control alone. Yvonne turns her attention to a new project, and Layla discovers more about a new acquaintance. Gontse and Ndumiso find themselves being stared at unblinkingly by two family members.

Wednesday, November 30

Romeo is hopeful that a plan will work, but he reckons without the suspicious nature of a young lady. Layla has to consider that an offer may be more than it appears to be. Ndumiso has an idea of how to win back some privacy.

Thursday, December 1

Lindiwe finds herself embroiled in a daring and exciting plan that she hopes will win her leniency. A new acquaintance’s interest in Layla and Quinton is suspiciously keen. Gontse makes a decision about her child in order to keep the peace at home.

Friday, December 2

The Ngemas receive devastating news, and Romeo’s plan is compromised by the insistence of someone close to Lindiwe. Layla is given a piece of information that turns her world upside down. Gloria crosses a line, which results in the police being called.




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